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Hindu Girls, Beware Of Love Jihad

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Sufferings of Hindu women who are victims of 'Love

1. Atrocities committed in Islamic conversion centres

'Once a Hindu girl is ensnared in love-dragnet, the Jihadi boy threatens her saying that he will marry her only if she embraces Islam. She is then taken to an Islamic conversion centre. If she refuses to get converted there, she is tortured.'

2. Use as a servant

After marrying a Jihadi, a Hindu girl went to his house and to her dismay realised that he already had two wives. At that time, the Jihadi said to her, "You have been driven out by your parents. You will have to stay here as a servant if you intend staying".

3. Using the girl for making obscene DVDs or MMS'

'Since obscene DVDs are in tremendous demand, victims of 'Love Jihad' are used for making such DVDs. A Jihadi from Ichalkaranji (Kolhapur District), Maharashtra ensnared a married Hindu woman in the love-dragnet and recorded her nude video on his mobile. He also converted it into MMS and circulated it all over.' (Daily 'Sakal', 1.12.2009).

4. Use for prostitution

'Sometime ago Kerala Police raided the red-light areas of Kochi and Kozhikode and arrested some girls. Most of these girls were either Hindu or Christian hailing from Mangaluru and Bengaluru. They had been forcibly converted.'

5. Sale in Islamic countries


Girls who desert their parents, brothers, sisters and Hindu Dharma to pursue so-called love and elope with Jihadis, rightly deserve the hellish existence they get in Arab countries as a consequence of their misdeed. Anyone who gives up his Dharma, karma and Nation suffers hellish existence. It is a punishment given by God to such an individual.

6. Use for Jihadi activities


'According to a CBI report, around 4000 girls who were converted to Islam through 'Love Jihad' are being trained by terrorist organisations in Pakistan for Jihadi activities.'

7. Committing suicide out of a feeling of having been cheated


Three college girls in Kerala committed suicide 'College girls Anita, Veni and Julia in Ambalappuza, committed suicide following harassment, torture and physical abuse at the hands of their classmates Saufar and Shahnaz, members of 'National Democratic Front'.

8. The fundamental rights of women are trampled upon because of 'Love Jihad'


The problem of 'Love Jihad' is not limited to the subject of conversions. The fundamental rights of women are being trampled upon because of it. The life of a woman that begins as 'an innocent lover' ends up in 'battered and abandoned woman.' – Dr. Shrirang Godbole, Pune, Maharashtra.