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Hindu Girls, Beware Of Love Jihad

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Tension in Ponda (Goa) as a Hindu woman falls prey

Ponda : A 29 year- old Hindu woman from a well-known family from Kurti, Ponda has fallen prey to love jihad. A married fanatic man, who already has children from the first marriage, has kidnapped this woman and had 'nikah' with her. Both of them had eloped to Hubli 3 days back and police have been successful in bringing them back but the woman, under influence of a jihadi, has refused to go back with her parents. Police are unable to take any action under existing laws; as a result, the parents have become helpless.

Hindus were enraged due to abduction of a Hindu young woman and non-cooperation of police and they were at the police station whole day. This fanatic was known to the woman's father for last 7 years and used to visit their house. (Hindus now need to think whether to allow such fanatics to come to their house and how much to believe in them. – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

Dy. Superintendent of Police Sunita Sawant said that police tried to make the woman understand but she was not ready to go with her parents. She is not a minor and without her will, police cannot send her with her parents.

Please save my daughter ! – Mother of the young woman

This fanatic has betrayed us and deceived my innocent daughter. His wife is in Dubai. He will take her to Dubai and will sell her, force prostitution on her. Please save my daughter. Police are not helping us and shielding the fanatic. Today, I have to go through such suffering but tomorrow, other Hindus might have to face it, said the mother of the young woman while talking to reporters. The woman's mother is an elected representative.

Hindus beat up associates of fanatics !

Other 3 fanatics, who had come with the fanatic abductor, fell in the hands of local Hindus and were thrashed in front of police station. The vehicle of fanatic used for going to police station was also planned to be damaged by them but the father of the abducted woman pleaded with them to remain calm.

Few cunning fanatics pretend to speak in favour of enraged Hindus !

Few fanatics scared with Hindus' aggressive stance, were talking in favour of the abducted woman's father. They were talking against the fanatic involved in love jihad; but it was quite apparent that they were only pretending. In fact, many fanatics gathered in support of that fanatic abductor.